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olive oil
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Olive oil is the pure oil obtained from the fruit of Olive trees by the cold pressed method. Olive oil is native to Spain. There are many different kinds of Olive varieties from which oil can be produced, and each brings a unique flavor and quality to the oil. While some blended olive oil is made by blending different olive varieties together, mono-varietals or monocultivar olive oils, are made using just one. It is the variety of olive, along with the maturity of the fruit, that contributes most to the flavor of the oil. Olive pomace oil is the oil that is extracted from the olive pulp after the first press. Once the mechanical oil extraction of natural olive oil is complete approximately 5-8% of the oil remains in the pulp, which then needs to be extracted with the help of solvents, an industrial technique used in the production of most other edible oils. Chemically, olive pomace oil is quite similar to olive oil with respect to acid composition, rendering it the same health benefits when cooked.

Uses of Olive Essential Oil

Certificate of Analysis of Spanish Olive oil

Test Results Test Results
Acidity 0.07% Trans Isomers
Peroxides Index 2mEq/kg C 18 : 1 T 0.20%
K232 - C 18 : 2 T + C 18 : 3 T 0.18%
K270 1.13 DIF ECN 42 (HPLC - THEORET.) 0.4
Delta K 0.105 Wax mg/kg
Fatty Acids   BAP 2 ug/kg
Myristic 0.02% Erythrodiol + Uvaol 17.3%
Palmitic 11.4% Sterols  


Stearic 2.9% Cholesterol 0.2%
Oleic 73.9% Brassicasterol 0.1%
Linoleic 9.2% Campesterol 3.3%
Arachidic 0.4% Stigmasterol 1.4%
Linolenic 0.7% Apparent B-sitosterol 94.1%
Gadoleic 0.3% D-7-Estigmastenol 0.3%
Behenic 0.2% Total Sterol content 2863 mg/kg
Lignoceric 0.06%

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